Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have just started a new topic with my Year 10 class (13 very low level learners).  As part of my goal to get them to think more about their own learning, we first evaluated the work they had completed on the introductory topic.  They had to write about one thing they felt they did well and one thing they felt they could have improved upon.  This will help us set a goal for the next unit, which is a novel study.

The students have also been recently asTTle and PAT tested and it is my plan to use these results to inform my teaching.  I also want the students to see the areas in these tests in which they performed well and to see where their gaps are.  I hope this, too, will help them set an appropriate goal and work to achieve it.

My wonderful neighbour over the road is an ex-Primary School Principal.  He has developed a computer programme where individualised success criteria and/or goals can be printed out on stickers so that when students achieve the things they have set out to achieve, they can identify these things in their work and label them with their stickers.

So there's a lot for me to be getting on with.  I need to closely look at the comments the students wrote today about what they felt they could have done better in the previous unit.  I need to closely analyse their PAT and asTTle data and then together we need to set individual goals for this next unit of work.  I am hoping that with these individual goals, students will engage with the work and learn to be reflective about their own learning!

Ms B

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well, here goes!

This is my first blog.  It's a bit daunting to be honest, but here goes nothing.

I will start with a bit of a run-down of what I teach.  I work at a decile 8 co-educational state school.  I think it's a great place with a fairly diverse range of kids and a dynamic teaching staff.

I have two English classes - a Year 11 class that the students call 'vege' English, much to my disgust.  It's really a class of students for whom English is not their strength but with  a bit of extra support and guidance, could achieve to their potential.  I also teach a class of Year 10 students who are very low level and need lots of extra support (sadly, they call themselves 'cabbages').  There are only 13 students in this group and I am very lucky to have a teacher-aide as well.  Both of us are kept very busy during these lessons and it's important to see the funny side of what we get up to!

The rest of the time, I work in the school's On Site Learning Centre.  This is a place that is home to a variety of students who come and go throughout the day.  We deal with students referred out of classes, students on the RTLB roll, students with specific learning needs etc.  I teach groups identified as needing extra support in certain areas, like reading comprehension for example.  ESOL students also visit the centre as well as those needing a quiet place to re-sit an Achievement Standard.  It's a dynamic place!!

One of my focusses (is that a word??) this year is helping my students (whether they be in my classes or in the Learning Centre) become self regulating learners and that is something I plan to write about in this blog.  I would also love them to NOT see themselves as 'veges' or 'cabbages'.

However,  I think I've rattled on enough for now, so in my next post, I will talk a bit more about what I mean by this, what I'm doing so far and what plans I have for the rest of the year.

Ms B